My work with ARM SOC

Working with Cubieboards

I have made the move, at least for most of my servers, to the Cubieboard armv7 SOC.  I have a number of Cubieboard2 and a couple CubieTruck boards set up here.  I have worked with various releases of Fedora, I still run Redsleeve 6 on one system, but I am migrating all production servers to Centos 7.

This server, and both my internal and external DNS servers are running Centos 7.  My basic instructions for setting up a Centos 7 server is at:

Centos7 for armv7 SOC

My Centos 7 Mailserver instructions are "nearly' finished:

Centos7 mailserver on armv7 SOC

Stay tuned for more information here.


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